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Alinity and her past

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

The following is an archive of all the Twitch streamer Alinity has said and done.

Table Of Contents

Alinity vs Budobo

Alinity sells her underwear

Alinity and CollabDRM vs Pewdiepie

Alinity and her Twitter manager

Alinity said the N-word

Alinity takes a picture of her ass on stream

Alinity shows porn on stream twice

Alinity vs TrainwrecksTV

Alinity cheating during an Apex Legends Tournament

Alinity kicks her dog and throws her cat


Alinity is a Twitch streamer with many, many controversies. Its commonly known her channel has been created, built and sustained around these events. She is most well known on Twitch as the bulletproof streamer. On many occasions which alternative streamers have received punishments for their live actions, Alinity walks free.

Alinity Vs Budobo

Alinity is not new to her "Twitch Drama" which stems back all the way to 2013 when during online chat in the game World of Warcraft. Alinity had a verbal fight with Budobo (Another Female Stream) which has been marked with the name "e-Rage & Mental Breakdown on Twitch". The cause of the argument is to do with what Alinity claims is Budobo gossiping about her to the community. During the fight many big topics that have been repeated today are brought up:

  • Alinity moving to canada.

  • Alinity and her divorced husband.

  • Alinity threatens to get Budobo banned.

  • Budobo claims Alinity lies to her viewers about being single to gain more viewers.

TLDW (Too Long Didn't Watch)

02:15 Alinity threatens to get Budobo banned.d her prior relationship.

" We know each other from a long time ago and you know things about my past, yes I was married, yes I got divorced, yes I came to Canada on a sponsorship and there's things about my life that I rather not discuss over the internet " -Alinity

03:35 Alinity threatens to get Budobo banned.

"if I have to get you banned. I am going to get you been because I am not married and I'm not engaged but I'm so fucking sick of you shit talking me I don't understand." -Alinity

05:10 Budobo said Alinity was engaged to her roommate Chronic and is now in a relationship with him.

"That you lie to people so you get more viewers you know you told them that you're single well as you've just confirmed you broke off your engagement to chronic as you sent me in a twitch message so apparently you're no longer engaged but you hide the fact that you're in a relationship." -Alinity

07:50 The argument in this call stems from Budobo gossiping about Alinity to the community.

"I will, I will get you banned but I'm tired of you revealing things in my personal life that I prefer to remain quiet." -Alinity

13:51 Budobo said Alinity shares her bra size as well as how sometimes she doesn't wear a bra on stream.

"you don't mind letting me know, is your bra size and the fact that sometimes you don't wear bras. I think that's just really intriguing, dont you?" -Budobo

14:20 Alinity responds to this by calling Budobo a bitch, as well as commenting on Budobo and her belly size.

"I decide what about talk about my own body and my own life and you decide where you talk about your own body and your own life. If you want to tell people how fucking big of a belly you have because I've seen it trust me you have a fucking enormous belly." -Alinity

The argument continues with the same few topics being repeated. Alinity doesn't like that Budobo is talking about her on stream and wants her to stop. Budobo is angry with Alinity lying to her community for money and wants the community to know what Alinity is doing.


Alinity Sells Her Underwear

While on stream Alinity decided to bring up her emails. One of the biggest mistakes any streamer can do as it can compromise personal and private information between friends, potential partnerships and even themselves. In the Alinity case we got some incredible personal information.

This slip of showing her email exposed information from her past. The most prominent information we got was from an email from her past. The email header reading

From - Kevin Leigemann
Title - "I want to bue ;)
Shown Information - "Hey Alinity, I hope you remember you sold me a leopard bra many years ago. I had offered you very good money then;) and I wanted to ask if you like to"

We can only guess and say it ends with "sell me more?"

This creating a lot of backlash within the community which Alinity responded through her own chat.

This brings out the big question, if we found out Alinity sold her used underwear through a accidental leak through her own channel. How much more could she be hiding?


Alinity and CollabDRM vs Pewdiepie

The most famously mentioned line from Alinity are "Can we copystrike Pewdiepie". Created and defined by Alinity. In early 2018 Pewdiepie the most subscribed single user owned channel uploaded a video reacting to clips from Twitch. During the segment Pewdiepie had an eye tracker on which showed where he was looking. A video that shows a compilation of clips from Twitch girl streamer including Alinity and STPeach was watched.

At the end of the clips Pewdiepie calls the girls "Twitch Thots". Shortly after the video went up Alinity who was in the video ended up watching the video on stream. Upon hearing that she got called a "Twitch Thot" Alinity got angry on stream saying "Can we copystrike Pewdiepie"

After Alinity called for the video to get "copystriked" it was. In this case the term "copystrike" refers to the video being claimed. This means that revenue built from the video from then on goes to Alinity instead of the the content creator Pewdiepie.

Alinity goes on to talk about her "copystriking" company CollabDRM who are a commonly known for their antics in ignoring Fair-Use and Copyright laws and claiming any content they have permission to do. In Pewdiepies case the video was a review alongside opinion and commentary which follows Fair-Use laws. Collab do not care about these laws and claimed the video to earn the money from it. Pewdiepie posted to Twitter the email he received showing the video got claimed by the company Alinity has working for her.

Alinity also bragged on stream about having the power to "copystrike" users on YouTube using Collab. Saying that they sent her "600 dollars last month. Good Money".

Shortly after Pewdiepie removed and re-uploaded the video removing the Alinity clip which was used to claim the video. This created outrage within the community as Pewdiepie said in a later video that Alinity and CollabDRM knew what they were doing, they claimed the video to steal thousands of dollars and pocket it from YouTubes broken copyright system. After a large amount of backlash Alinity brought out a response to what happened.

This response didn't help her case. Which brought on Philip De-Franco another YouTube news reported to defend Alinity, Pewdiepie reacted to Philips clip from his show which Pewdiepie called Philip a "white-knight" for defending Alinity. Alinity also claims in Philips video that she did not contact CollabDRM to tell them to claim the video.

Philip later backtracked on what he said in a later video. Alinity decided to do a final response talking about all the drama.

This video was the last response we had from Alinity, which has now been removed from YouTube.


Alinity Twitter Manager

During previously mentioned drama with Pewdiepie, Alinity was at an all time high for hateful responses and negative feedback towards her tweets. Her social media manager unconfirmed but rumoured to be Chronic who we know was engaged to Alinity and is now her roommate. This rumour seems the most prominent due to the history and trust these two must have with each other. Her main tweets consist of when Alinity is going live, selfies and drama responses/updates. While on stream a user in chat asked her about what would happen if she was send nudes over twitter.

The above shows the chat logs of what Alinity was asked and therefor responded to.

Alinity responded saying that her social media manager would save and post them in "places" as well as keeping a backlog of people saying mean things. This led to users in the community responding saying that Alinity is keeping a backlog of nudes and other content to blackmail and use as revenge porn which is illegal.


Alinity said the N-word

Also occurring relatively close to her drama with Pewdiepie, while streaming a Mario kart game Alinity was talking about the topic of how groups of people talk to each other. Here she brought up the term "how black friends call each other n!**a"

Shortly after a user in chat got offended by Alinity using that word. Which Alinity then decided to explain that she can use that word, because she is part black.

This brought up controversy as many other streamers have received 30 day bans for even saying words that sound close to the N-word (Regardless of context) while Alinity receives no warning and no punishment.


Alinity takes a picture of her ass on stream

Many female streamers receive bans on twitch for their outfit and clothes. In the case of a streamer wearing revealing clothing the streamer is liable to receive a ban. As well making advances towards the users watching the stream such as bending over towards the camera, making sexual remarks or any explicit content will also end up with a punishment.

So when Alinity took a picture of her ass on stream. With the camera view being clear to all of her viewers. Many called for her to get banned.

Afterwards Alinity played along with the idea that the image being visible on stream was an accident.


Alinity shows porn on stream twice

A common slip up from streamers is the accidental showing of inappropriate content on stream. This can be attempted by viewers as a funny and yet malicious way of interacting with a live stream. The most commonly known way of doing this is through tagging the streamer on twitter. The streamer will receive a notification they have been tagged. Click the notification which then shows NSFW content.

The first time Alinity accidental did this on stream came from her going on discord. While on stream Alinity had her "Sub-Only" channel open. Subs are supposed to be much more trusted than normal viewers as they have contributed money to have access to the channel. In the clip Alinity is waiting for an image to load which then shows NSFW imagery.

Although against the Twitch terms of service, this case was seen as an accident. Which Twitch decided to give no punishment for.

The second time Alinity showed NSFW content on stream came from Alinity checking out a users channel from her chat. She went to the users channel and checked the past streams tab. The user has multiple streams showing NSFW content which Alinity had also shown on stream as well.

The strangest part about this is that from these two cases, the first example came from content showed off site while the second showed content which Twitch should have control over. The first example landed Alinity no punishment while the second got her a 24 hour ban. This is also the only record of Alinity receiving a ban on the platform.


Alinity vs TrainwrecksTV

The Alinity vs fellow streamer TrainwrecksTV begins with a clip from her stream talking about Train.

In the clip Alinity claims that TrainwrecksTV said he would "rape her" which is an extreme allegation to make weather its true or not. Later elaborating on what she said about Trainwrecks claiming he wrote that in her chat "years ago"

The community banded together to find proof of the claims Alinity is making. If it can be proven to be true it could end up being devastating for Trainwrecks career. Luckily when it comes to Twitch and most content on the internet. There is always copies and backups, this includes Twitch chat.

Although some quiet weird chat was found from Trainwrecks in her chat. No proof was found of the exact claims Alinity made.

Alinity went even further, once the community found no proof towards Alinity and her claims. To talk about her experience with Trainwrecks at Pax East saying he Stalked her.

Although all claims Alinity made were proven to be false, Alinity received no punishment for false rape allegations. There was one silver lining though, Trainwrecks responded to the original rape allegation through Reddit saying he will being suing Alinity.

I have reached out to Train to ask for an update on his suing Alinity, No response.


Alinity cheating during an Apex Legends Tournament

During the Twitch Prime invitational Apex legends tournament Alinity was put on a team with Kingrichard and Angrypug. During the tournament Alinity was sat near other team which during one of the games she decided to use the other teams screens to gain an advantage. From doing this she gained information on: who was alive, where they were and what equipment they had. Giving Alinity a huge advantage over the other teams.


Alinity kicks her dog and throws her cat

The most recent event from Alinity comes from the way that she treats her animals. A clip from her stream where during a Apex Legends game her cat got in front of her stream which she then decided to pick her cat up and throw it over her chair.

This then brought forward many more clips of Alinity abusing her animals. A clip posted to Twitter of her kicking her dog as well as throwing the same cat earlier in the same stream were both posted. The other most dominant clip posted comes from her past where Alinity decided to drink some vodka and then spit it into her cats mouth.

These 2 clips band together to show some pretty strong animal abuse. A user posted to Twitter that Alcohol can cause a cat to go into a coma or even cause death.

Shortly after PETA and other animal cruelty activist calling for Twitch to ban Alinity.

Alinity responded afterwards with the following.

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