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DelightfulyDani Exposed For Grooming and Predatory Behaviour

The world of onlyfans is a wonderful place. It has given power back to sex workers allowing them to make fair wages for their work. It is also a dangerous place given like everything else on the internet, content created will be online forever.

DelightfullyDani old friend ItsxDinosaur shows a good example of why although a good idea for many. Pushing creating a onlyfans account and content creation for the platform is dangerous, especially as ItsxDinosaur was underage when this happened. ItsxDinosaur began by pointing out she was making a thread on the issue through Twitter.

ItsxDinosaur began the thread prefixing saying that sheis not proud of her responses in the following screenshots through private messages (Red), She realised after that she was groomed (yellow), Then pointing out she became friends at the age of 17, underage (blue).

ItsxDinosaur goes on to show examples of DMs when she was 17. Explaining that as a 19-year-old she could never see herself having convocations like this with a minor. Dani gave Dino pet names but does calm the conversation by asking Dani if its ok to give her these names.

The problem became apparent later when Dani tweeted out saying she would never recommend onlyfans to someone who just turned 18. When asked about doing onlyfans while 17, Dani highly recommended it pointing out the money that can be made.

This problem is furthered by additional tweets from Dani stating, "content creators who are adults really shouldn't form personal relationships with their underage fans." while simultaneously doing just that.

Dino finished up her thread stating that she does not hate Dani and worries the backlash that could come from this exposed thread.

After the Exposed Thread

After this exposed piece was made Dani went offline on social medias for a few days. After coming back Dino realised she didn’t go offline to privately sort out the situation. But instead went offline to contact her sponsors to keep them.

Dani upon returning pointed this out herself, she apologised for making Dino feel uncomfortable and privately messaged her sponsors to keep them.

Twitch Banned

Shortly after being exposed Dani's Twitch channel was suspended. Although it felt like it had corelated to Dino's statement Dani later shared through Twitter that she believes she was banned due to people in her chat reporting her stream alongside making "harassing" comments.


We have reached out to Dani sponsor GamerSupps asking about Dani representing their brand and they have not responded.

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