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Drdisrespect Twitch And Twitter Accounts Hacked

Streamer @Drdisrespect (Guy Beahm) Twitch and Twitter accounts were hacked. His twitch account was renamed to scrimakagrahamclark and his stream was hijacked and taken over by the hacker.

This is the moment Doc realised he was hacked.

Roughly 3 minutes after this happened Docs stream went offline and a new one run by the hacker went live.

Once the hacker had access to Doc's stream, he started streaming images of young people which lasted around 20 minutes before Doc got his account back.

The title of his stream got changed to this.

The name Docs channel was renamed too.

The hacker got access to Docs Twitter account tweeting out several advertisements for other twitter accounts as well as 2 significant tweets. The first saying "I just fucked ur mom @Ninja". The later one being a threat saying the hacker has access to Docs Icloud account with a video of him cheating on his wife.

The account @plugwalkjoe has been suspended on twitter. The account @notplugwalkjoe has set their account to protected and @ihyliv has tweeted out saying "im famous". Not long after Doc's team got his accounts back and removed the offending stream and tweets.

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