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Drdisrespect Wants To Leave Twitch But Wont Unless He's Paid More Than Ninja

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

In a recent stream Drdisrespect (Guy Beahm) spoke about what it would take for him to leave Twitch for an alternative platform. After the recent Ninja move to Mixer speculation on how much Ninja was paid for the move. No one truly knows but the most common opinion ranges between 6 million to 12 million dollars a year.

Doc states in the clip "A move for the doc to Mixer, lets just like theoretically say. The number would have to be crazy. I dont know what Ninja got, but it has to be at Ninjas level or higher. Its just a stronger brand"

Statistically speaking, Ninja at the time of leaving Twitch holds the number one spot for follower count at 14,713,000 and channel views by a single streamer (Not including brand accounts e.g RiotGames or inactive accounts) with 479,187,000 views. In comparison to Drdisrespect who holds a quarter of Ninjas follower account with 3,582,524 and view count similarly with 136,000,000 views.


Doc mad at Twitch for promoting Bugha (Fortnite World Cup Winner)

In the same stream the topic of Bugha who is the recent $3,000,000 Fortnite World Cup winner came up.

Twitch had decided to tweet out a popular clip from Bughas Twitch page as well as put him on the front page of Twitch. Doc says "Twitch is clueless" as they are inadvertently promoting Ninja as one of Bughas Fortnite partners during the Friday Fortnite Tournament.

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