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Forsens forsenDigglet and forsenChraken Emotes Removed From Twitch

Popular variety streamer Forsen has his forsenDigglet emote removed. He announced this through his Twitter when starting the todays stream.

What is the "forsenDigglet" emote. From first glance the emote itself has minimal meaning. Keeping in mind the actual size of the emote is merely chat sized its actual meaning can be easily missunderstood.

Left Side - forsenDigglet | Right Side - forsenChraken

The emote itself isn't even a very popular one in forsens chat. In comparison to his other most used "Twitch Emotes" (Emotes built into Twitch not including emotes from extensions or modifications to the site) it is very rarely used. Data collected through StreamElements show that forsenDigglett is all the way down at 95th. Having only been used 0.24% as many times as the most used emote.

In reality the emote itself comes from an image of a child being grabbed under his chin. Suddenly seeming almost surprising the emote got put on Twitch in the first place. 

Forsen himself seems fine with the removal of the emote. Having said nothing extra about the emote being removed.

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