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GreekGodX Banned After Comments About Soundclouds Gender Options

Very popular partnered streamer GreekGodX with almost one million followers on Twitch has received a suspension after his comments about Soundcloud gender options. he shared his ban reason over twitter saying - "Got banned for a silly comment about gender I just wanted to say it was a joke and i'm really sorry to anyone I offended. I didn't mean to be hurtful or hateful. Ill update you guys on how long the ban is for when I can.

The clip connected to his ban has been swiftly found. In the clip he goes over how when you make a Soundcloud account you will find it funny what the gender options show. You can pick from male, female, other and prefer not to say.

Following on with another comment saying "if you pick other, your account should be deleted" and Soundcloud should tell you that Soundcloud is not for you.

The length of his ban is currently unknown, but GreekGodX has told us in his Tweet he will keep up updated when he finds out.

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