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InvaderVie Responds To Driving While Streaming on Twitch Allegations

InvaderVie Twitch Streamer Driving Stream

Twitch streamer InvaderVie ran a travelling driving stream. This category of streaming has recently been popularised with many other channels receiving 7-day bans for antics such as reading chat while driving and one streamer by the name of BlondieWondie receiving a 7-day suspension for being pulled over by the cops for speeding.

Stating in the clip that she cant read chat InvaderVie can be seen glancing at the camera

(phone). This clip had been posted to to the reddit r/Livestreamfail and received a few user responses.

The streamer has not received a ban and has responded to these allegations through her Twitter. InvaderVie has decided due to concerned viewers she will not be doing another road trip stream.

Invadervie Twitter

Why are driving streams bannable?

Driving while streaming is a common ban on Twitch, only a few streamers do it correctly. For example the streamer Destiny who has done driving streams would not read/react to chat and have the stream facing the road. That way he can still talk to his stream but not interact with them. In most countries not using a phone while driving is illegal and can result in points on the persons licence as well as a fine.

As defined under Twitch's community guidelines and content or activity featuring illegal practises is prohibited.



The Reddit page has since disputed the response Tweet saying that InvaderVie deleted her vod and clips to remove any possible evidence of wrong doing.

Invader responded to why she removed the stream from her account. Saying on stream that people would take clips and point out the details of when she looked at her camera.

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