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ItsBoozie Banned After Using TwitchSings To send Hateful Messages and Death Threats Through Song

Streamer ItsBoogiez receives a ban after making hateful comments during a Twitch Sings song "This is gospel" by Panic! At The Disco.

What is Twitch Sings?

Twitch sings is a community driven game where Twitch streamers can select songs that are on the program and sing along to them. When the song is complete it is submitted to the community where others streamers can select and then react, sing along or even duet with.

Here after HowlingGoodGames uploaded his recording of "This is gospel" by Panic! At The Disco. ItsBoozie decided to react to the clip where he made various hateful and mean comments.

Once HowlingGoodGames found out he uploaded a short clip example of the comments being made to Twitter (video with subtitles shown below).

Comments such as: "Shut the F*ck up", "You suck", "That's not the vocal key you're looking for brother", "You and that F*cking weird bull ring and weird ass skunk chest bro", "Kill yourself" and "Pussy" are examples shown throughout the clip.

The Tweet received a lot of praise getting over 2,000 likes for calling out this kind of behaviour. In the Tweet HowlingGoodGames also tagged the ItsBoozie_ twitter account. Which quickly overflown his notifications with messages such as "F*ck that dude" and "Reported as hell. Why do haters always got the US flag on em"

After having his inbox flooded with these kind of notifications, ItsBoozie changed his twitter handle to "IApologizedK" and then once more after that was found out as well.


ItsBoozie Owned Org

Alongside this standing up for hate towards HowlingGoodGames people started looking into ItsBoozie's background. One user pointed out he is a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of an organisation named Vacancy eSports. Once this was found out the org no vacancy released a statement about the situation.


At this point ItsBoozie had deleted/hidden his Twitter account and his Twitch account has been suspended.

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