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JinnyTTY Leaks Donations, Mizkif Backlash, Tfue Swatted, JustAMinx Unban - Twitch Drama/News #204

Melina Donation Goal:

Destiny Clip

Rest of vod is deleted

RainyDay Giveaway Winner:

Expose tweet

Mizkif gives maids 10k bonus:

Pizza Box Clip


Tfue Swatted Live:

Clip 1 original Swatting

After Swatting

JustaMinx Unbanned:

Unban Tweet

Unban Clip

JinnyTTY Leaks Earnings:

Streamable Copy

ItsSliker Reacts

Fall Guys Skins:

Ninja Skin

Mr Beast Skin

Forsen Unbanned:

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

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