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Mitch Jones Banned After Leaked Discord DM's

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Popular streamer Mitch Jones has received a ban today after leaked DMs from a discord message between him and Novaruu.

During a very short clip Mitch Jones pulls up his discord before moving it to a different screen. During this time a few messages sent between Mitch and Novaruu can be seen.

These messages when looked into dont say much, first a message from Novaruu reading "I changed to jon btw" and Mitch responds with "fuk" and then "u n!%%£r"

Shortly after this was clipped and shared through reddit. During which time a few members of his stream asked why he wrote that in his Discord. The only response comes from chat logs of him talking to a viewer. A viewer was commenting " most of the LSF ppl use the n-word off stream. unfortunate mitch had his discord open on his main monitor" which he responded saying the messages shown wern't him. But instead someone else.

Hours later Mitch Jones channel has been banned with this reason being the most dominant in the online community. He has yet to respond via any other means but the channel is banned.


Mitch has since confirmed through Twitter that his ban is 30 days.

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