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Ninja Responds To Twitch Channel Changes (Ceo Responds)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Ninja (Tyler Blevins) Twitch

On Monday Ninja's channel on Twitch ( by removing his social media links and everything else on his channel. The channel would read "The Ninja you're looking for is in another castle"

This has since been changed, removing his logo icon and instead reading "The streamer you're looking for is in another castle"

As well as the removal of his whole channel, the subscribe button has also been removed. Below where his channel used to show data. Instead is the list of the most popular Twitch channels. Ninja has since responded to the changes to his channel over Twitter with the tweet reading "Disgusted and sorry' alongside a explanation video.

As well adding to the Tweet " This wouldn't even have been an issue if they didnt use my channel to promote others in the first place..."

Ninja stated in the video that he has been very professional up until this point. But Twitch removing his whole channel to promote others is over the line. Ninja is not happy with Twitch using his platform and his page to promote others and has made it very clear in this video.

Ninja also points to a channel featuring porn being promoted through his name. A channel under the Fortnite section hit 14,500 viewers before being banned off Twitch.



Since Ninja shared his grief with Twitch and their use of his channel. Twitch has decided to revert the changes made. His channel now shows the original stream along with the return of sponsor and social media links.

One of Twitches CEO's Emmett Shear has also responded to Ninja and his frustration with a collection of 4 Tweets. Explaining why the changes were made to his channel as well as apologising to Ninja for what they showed on his channel.

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