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OTK Kick JinnyTTY Out, Ninja Quits Fortnite "Streamsniper", IndieFoxx Banned -Twitch Drama/News #211

T_Time7 Banned For Raiding Another Streamer

T_Time7 clip

EarthGamerJen VOD (54 mins 50 seconds in)

EarthGamerJen Tweets

T_Time7 Appology

IndieFoxx Ban again:

Ban Clip

Reddit Thread

Tweet Response 1

Tweet Response 2

AirSoftPhatty Ban:

Ban Tweet

Ninja "Stream Sniping":

VOD LINK (18 mins in)

Dexerto Article

Twitch purple screen update:

Purple Screen Slasher Tweet

Twitch shadowban VPN Users

Miko removed from events after unban:

Miko On Ban

Jinny Kicked Out of OTK House:

Jinny Clip

Jinnys Brother Clip

Mizkif Clip

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