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Pro Fortnite Player Clix Banned After Being Hacked

Professional Fortnite player and Twitch streamer Clix just got banned off Twitch for streaming porn. His channel which had been taken over by a group of hackers began streaming on the account. The first stream lasting 13 minutes shows a group of 4 people chatting to each other about the thousands of viewers on the channel which due to advertising "Clix has been hacked" on multiple other Fortnite channels hit a peak 13,000 viewers. As well the stream had the main intent of advertising the hackers Discord channels as well as twitter accounts.

Shortly after the first stream went down, the hackers came back to show porn on stream. The channel title was updated to a discord link and a few panels under the stream were changed as well. This time the stream only lasted 2-3 minutes before the channel was suspended.

Meanwhile this was happening Clix found out his account was hacked and tweeted @TwitchSupport to take his stream down.

Shortly after the channel was suspended.

Less than an hour later Clix has got control of his channel back and has been un-banned.

Tweeting out that he is "In a call with twitch support right now" and has since gone on stream to talk about what happened.

On stream he explains that he was talking to a Twitch employee that banned his account temporarily while he gained control back. 40,000 accounts got un-followed from the channel which he explains is a temporary problem.



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