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Quqco Banned AGAIN! For Sexualy Suggestive Content

Streamer Quqco Received yet another ban for her cosplays on stream. She was previously banned on August 18th for "Sexually Suggestive Attire" because of a cosplay done on stream. The cosplay of the film character Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury 2 caused this ban.

A clip was taken from this stream and was advertised through reddit, the clip showed Quqco leaning to reach for something and ended up showing her undergarments.

Quqco blamed the reddit for her ban posting a rage fueled Tweet saying - "Hello, I got banned on @twitch because I got brigaded from LSF. I was sexually harassed; when they were banned for sexually harassing me, they starter to report me for sexual content. All I wore was a Mai cosplay while I was drawing. There was no sexual conduct". This tweet was shortly after removed.

When this clip got posted and received close to 200,000 views before being deleted users from the r/Livestreamfail reddit were going to her channel to "harass" her. When she would ban these users from her channel, she claims she got reported and then banned because of these users.


Quqco's second ban

Quqco today has received yet another ban for the same reason, unlike last time though reddit played no part in the ban. Quqco posted a Tweet saying she has received yet another 3 day ban but this time, with no mention of the previous "Harassers".

Quqco questions Twitch and their reasoning behind the ban, being "Sexually suggestive Content". The cosplay shown on stream comes from another film character named Chun-Li.

Quqco has updated us telling us that she has reached out to Twitch support for the cause of the ban. With no additional clarification as to what exactly was the problem with this cosplay.

One user @cinderslays has lashed back at Quqco posting a clip from the stream that caused her suspension. This Twitter user responded saying "Purposefully angling the camera at your crotch is sexually sugestive content.

The following short clip from her stream has also been posted showing Quqco re-adjusting the camera.

Quqco has yet to hear from Twitch support and her 3 day ban starts now and has already gone into effect.



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