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S1mple CSGO Pro Banned From Twitch For Use Of Homophobic Slur

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

S1mple banned from twitch

S1mple, regarded as one of the best CSGO players in the world has received a suspension on his Twitch account. The reason currently unconfirmed but on the r/GlobalOffensive subreddit believe it has to do with saying a forbidden word.

Another user goes on to say the word used is the Russian equivalent of the word "faggot" as well pointing out the ban in 7 days.

S1mple has yet to respond to the ban but most likely will through his Twitter @s1mpleO.



The clip referring to S1mples ban has now been found.

In the clip S1mpls is talking to a teammate in a jokingly way and uses the pert Pidor which when translated means a homophobic slur. The clip that caused the ban is 2 weeks old from the 29th of July during a FPL game to his Navi (Member of his team Navi) teammate.

S1mple has also posted the following Tweets.



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