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Streamer Amouranth Lies About Recording In A Store

Amouranth decided to live stream herself inside of a store, When asked by a store employee "you all video tapping in here" Amouranth then responded with "Oh, were just video chatting. That not ok?". This is clearly lying about live streaming to continue recording inside the store.

This has built up anger in the commmunity because as per the Twitch terms of service lying about streaming is not allowed under the community guidelines.

This is also not the only time Amouranth has been caught out for lying about streaming. From may 2018 Amouranth was recording herself in a gym when asked to stop recording she once again lied about it. The employee then told Amouranth that they have her stream up on their system and they can see that she is live.

After this Amouranth received a 24-hour ban for breaking this same rule. For lying about recording inside of a store, Amouranth has yet to receive a punishment if there is any.

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