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Streamer CalebHart42 Hesitates to go to Next AGDQ Event Due to Previous Claims Of Sexual Harassment


Streamer Calebhart42 shared on stream that he wont be showing up to this years GDQ event after previous allegations of sexual harassment.

AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) is a yearly even where alongside its counter part GDQ (Games Done Quick) where fans of speed running games come together to show off their skill while alongside raising money for charity. GDQ's last event early January raised a record breaking $3,000,000 for charity.

Calebhart saying "It was a f%&$ing mess" is a throw back to a previous accusation from the GDQ event earlier this year. As Caleb is a speed runner himself who has even had a run featured at the event it would make sense he shows up.


The Previous Claim

During the GDQ 2019 event while off stream @CindyNancy shared via Twitter that Calebhart had "grabbed multiple girls inappropriately". This kind of rumour can get a member removed and banned from future GDQ events.

Caleb was not tagged in these Tweets but picked up on what was being said about him shortly after. He responded to the post saying that he only spoke to Nancy for a couple minutes with many people around him as well requesting proof of the accusations.

The original tweets from Nancy were then deleted. With many bystanders and viewers calling this a failed attempt at a smear campaign to give Caleb a bad image as well as potentially get him banned from the AGDQ events. Also responding to "Why didnt you make a police report instead of just Tweeting about it then". Nancy later posted a response to removing the original allegation Tweets.

Nancy points out that she is not going back on her original Tweets but wanted to make more people aware of what was going on at the events.

These experiences Caleb has had to face is causing him to question weather its worth going to another AGDQ or GDQ event. If Nancy's intent was to get Caleb removed from the events, the worry Caleb has that allegations like this can sprout again is preventing him from going anyway.

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