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Streamer Grizz Banned For Reinacting Amouranth Accident

Small streamer Grizz (with 15,000 followers) has received a ban for reenacting Amouranths recent slip on stream. What happened to Amouranth? During one of her streams while sitting on the floor, Amouranth decided to play with her dog and ended up having an upskirt. Showing her viewers her private parts, this led into her receiving a 3 day suspension from Twitch.

The smaller streamer Grizz decided to prank Twitch by recreating this clip from a man's perspective. To do this he used a pair of rubber (fake) balls/gentelia . These would then hang out his leg while he plays with his dog.

For this Grizz has received a ban, the length of the ban is currently unknown. But Amouranths (with a similar situation) was 3 days.



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