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Streamer Mewlies Receives 30 Day Ban After Hateful Remarks Towards Poland

Twitch Streamer Mewlies shared her unfriendly remarks towards the country Poland after a user in chat posted the following message.

The message from Kody_Richard reading "Are the poles still here?". Chat logs from the same stream show that multiple accounts were being created and spamming similar messages in polish.

The users who joined chat to spam these messages shortly after the spam were banned from chatting in her channel. Two of the spammers with the messages reading. This is just a few of the many accounts spamming in her channel.

At one point in her stream multiple accounts possible all ran by the same person were spamming these messages. When the user in chat asked "Are the poles still here?" the streamer responded.

After saying "Poland fucking sucks penis, get the fuck out. Get wrecked by fucking Nazis Poland" she received a 30 day ban for hateful conduct against a person or group of people (Posted to her Instagram). Many of the accounts spamming these messages have also been deleted or suspended.

In addition Mewlies has set her Twitter and Instagram account to private following these remarks made.



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