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Streamer Mugged Live In CapeTown South Africa

Streamer Go_GirlTV ran into a mugger while streaming in Cape Town South Africa. The streamer and her two friends are less distorted than annoyed at the stranger approaching them. During the stream a person walking towards them tells the streamers friend to hand over the camera, showing his knife as a persuasion mechanism.

Shortly after the streamers friend has his camera stolen the group make enough noise to bring together 2 locals, one of them a security guard that help the group track down the thief. The full encounter can be seen below.

Traveling between talking and solutions have been sped up (4X)

The Stream finishes off with the Go_GirlTV's friend getting his camera back, but the thief must have dropped it while running away. It is unclear what happened to the thief but shortly after this event Go_GirlTV did ended her stream and filed a police report.

Although the smashed camera GoGirl has posted to Twitter "somehow managed to get a nice pic at cape point with the smashed up Sony" so the camera itself is still functioning.

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