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Streamer soarcarl shoots his own equipment on stream before getting banned

Streamer soarcarl decided to show his gun on stream, not realising the magazine had bullets in it when he pulled the trigger facing the left side of his desk. He ended up shooting his own setup. He says in the clip "B*tch say I aint got money, say I aint got money" as an intimidation act.

The realisation puts soarcarl into shock "I swear to god I just emptied the mag". The chamber of the gun can be seen being emptied in the clip. Since this event a Tweet shared by the user cam834 on twitter got this clip to over 45,000 views. Popularising it enough to cause the suspension.

The length of the ban is unknown, but compared to similar suspensions involving guns this suspension could be permanent. Soarcarl has not acknoledged the ban on his own social medias as of now.



Since this accident on stream, although there is no update from soarcarl himself, his org Soar have released a statement. Which says they have removed Carl from the roster effective immidiately.

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