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Streamers Alinity And Amouranth Say N-word On Stream

Two female Twitch streamers Amouranth and Alinity had questionable moments on stream with the use of the N-word.

The clip from Tuesday went viral over Reddit getting 11,300 up-votes and many calling for Amouranth to be banned off the platform. In the clip the sentence sounds like "The N!%%er store 2 blocks down"

She responded to the viral post over Twitter stating that what she was actually saying was "In Bigger Stores" alongside an image of her braces. Pointing towards how her braces may have effected the pronunciation of the words.

Streamer Alinity had a similar situation with a clip while playing the game Apex Legends while playing with viewers. The viewer that joined had not subbed to her channel so she offered to gift a subscription to him. After which she said "but N!%%er next prime is in the channel" referring to using the free-prime subscription on her own channel

With the similar situation as with Amouranth, Alinity claimed over Twitter she had not said a racial slur but instead as English was not her first language had miss pronounced the sentence.

Also correcting, stating she instead said "your next prime is on the channel". Both situations throughout the week have been compared to the TF-Blade situation. From April when during a game of League Of Legends Blade said "Kill these idiots" which when mispronounced with the racial slur said "Kill there N!%%ers"

This clip caused Blade to receive a 30-day suspension from Twitch and because the main comparison for both the Alinity and Amouranth clips. TF-Blades ban had been lifted a week later barbecue the community lashed back at Twitch. Neither channel had received a punishment and wont. Amouranth has responded to this comparison through Twitter aswell.



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