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Twitch and Their Salty Response To Ninja Leaving The Platform

Biggest streamers on the platform Ninja (Tyler Blevins) recently switch his live streaming home over to Mixer. The announcement was made over his Twitter at the beginning of the month.

Alongside the announcement Tweet reading "The next chapter" a video was posted.

Twitch have since made a few changes with Ninja and their relationship with him. On Ninja's official Twitch channel his *Verified User* tag has been removed.

In comparison, Pewdiepie another big streamer with 1,000,000 followers on Twitch still has his verified user tag, even though Pewdiepie has left the Twitch platform for an alternative streaming platform as well.

Twitch and their changes to Ninja's profile doesn't stop there. Now if you go to his channel his: live screen, social media links, sponsorship's, donation button and subscribe button has all been removed.

Under his profile the message "The Ninja you're looking for is in another castle then redirecting you to other popular Fortnite Twitch channels.

Twitch are also offering users who had an active subscription with Ninjas channel a free 1 month sub to another channel of their choice. Users who had a active subscription as of the beginning of the month will receive a notification through the connected email and notification through the witch platform.



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