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Twitch Force Viewers To Subscribe To Their Favourite Streamers To Continue To Watch

Today twitch has tested out a new system that will allow the viewer to watch their favourite twitch streams, but only for a set period of time before requiring the viewer to pay a subscription fee of $4.99 to watch the channel.

These test were run on the channel and was quickly picked up. The stream showed the message "Your free preview ends in 03:50" which started at 5 minutes. The user will then have the option to subscribe to continue watching the content or be removed from viewing the content.

These systems although have been tested through the use of the overwatchleague streams with the 14.99 one time payment which gives access to multiple viewing angles and much more. This one time payments unlike this new "pay-to-watch" system does not stop the user from watching all together, just gives more options to those who do pay.

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