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Wintrycelll (CyanicFrostz) Twitch Banned After Convincing Her Stream Nudity Is Allowed On Twitch

Updated: Mar 6, 2020


WintryCell otherwise known as "coolaidman_101"

Streamer Wintrycelll received a 24 hour ban for convincing her channel viewers and ingame players that "Jeff lets me take my clothes off on Twitch". Going further to boast about how she had got naked 4 times on Twitch.

Players from the GTA 5 lobby attempted to convince the streamer that is not allowed on the platform, but Wintrycelll decided it was a good idea to do. The channel swiftly received a ban for sexual content.

The ban only lasted 24 hours given this was a first offence. The channel has since received another ban, based on the updated Twitter bio/description the streamer has decided to switch over to Mixer.



Since this article, Wintrycell has decided to change her online name to CyanicFrostz. Alongside this the @Wintrycelll Twitter handle has also changed to @CyanicFrostz and subsuqently has dropped her mixer account now switching to Youtube as the primary site.



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