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Youtube Streamer EbZ Threatens Lawsuit On Reddit Page After Video Of Him Eating Boogers Is Released

A clip of YouTube streamer EbZ is posted to the Reddit page r/LivestreamFail which is titled " EbZ Forgets He's Live. YouTube Meme Rapper" which the clip posted shows EbZ picking his nose and eating it which the Reddit page claims EbZ didn't realise he was live when this occurred.

(Video Warning - Gross)

After this clip surfaced EbZ claimed this was a Deep fake and that that clip is not him but a fake creation of him. EbZ claims on his stream that he will be taking legal action against the Reddit page that popularised and "Faked" the clip.

Afterwards the Reddit page mocked him further leaving the following comments. As well a YouTube parody video of EbZ picking his nose was created.

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