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House Full Of Streamers Neglects Dog and Lets Mounds of Waste Pile Up

In the wake of the Alinity drama and Youtuber Brooke Houts' recent animal abuse scandal many were looking for some wholesome animal content to wash away the bad taste these last few weeks have left in our mouths. That is what some thought they had gotten when a clip of an excited Husky went viral on Reddit.

Note: The man seen in the video is neither the dog's owner nor lives in the house.

Sadly, the context behind this, seemingly wholesome clip of a hyper dog, turns it into something much more sinister.

This clip comes from the 'IRL House' live stream. It is a 24/7 stream in which viewers can watch the living room of a house where streamers Boneclinks, TheUrbanZebra, True_Schu and non-streamer IRL_Nate all live. Recently Boneclinks and several other streamers, many of which used to be closely connected to the Cx Network, finished a 6 day RV Trip that was live streamed 24/7 much like the house stream.

After this RV Trip finished many stayed at Boneclinks' house to continue creating content. One streamer, who goes by the name Bjorn TV, was staying at the IRL House and during one of his streams was clipped speaking about how the dog is being treated.

Clip Credit: /u/GroundChuckster

According to the clip, allegedly this dog has been extremely neglected for quite some time, judging by the mounds of animal waste pilled up behind the house, it seems that this dog has not been walked nearly enough in recent weeks.

What's worse is that the dog in question is a husky, a type of dog bred specifically for long work hours and high activity. The minimum amount of exercise recommended is 45 minutes a day for the average husky, although more is always encouraged for this breed. Huskies are also an extremely intelligent breed that require lots of mental simulation to stay happy, without this the animal can get extremely volatile and act out.

The dog is supposedly owned by IRL_Nate, is named Kai and has been shown in many live streams including Boneclinks' and the IRL House streams.

With a house full of people who stream for a living we would hope that there would be time for someone to take care of this dog, at the very least clean up the mounds of animal waste in the backyard and take the dog on a walk once a day to get out energy and go to the bathroom.

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